First blog post

I wish I would say that starting a blog was one of my New Year 2016 resolutions but it’s notActually it’s been long overdue. Truth be told beholding it is just deja vu. Well I figured I must start working on my memoir book, you know the book that explains all the risks taken, the life lived and what you were all about…….. (Okay am just kidding) So for me this is new and a little scary if I was to be truly honest.

I think life is about the small things but most importantly it’s about chasing dreams, telling your story and taking risks. So I figured I can use this space to just have a fraction of what I think life should be about. Unlike many bloggers I don’t really have a worked out plan; I take that back I had one and then I just don’t really have one anymore. But I love writing and am passionate about development and the little things.

So expect writings that have a glimpse of my life, that tell a story but also expect moving pieces on development and other amazing things that I probably even don’t know yet. This will be a place of soul writing, the jump-start you need on certain mornings when sipping that mug of coffee, the break you look forward to in the middle of the day, the inspiration that will push you to take risks (like I am doing now), the place that will inspire you to be better but most importantly will push you to go the Extra Mile.

welcome to Shiko’s Xtramile ……………..I can’t wait to walk miles with you.

Ask,Believe,Receive……………….Go the Extra Mile.


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