The Writing Era

Write and write some more, it’s the closest you’ll ever be to a dream that you visualize.

  • – Shiko

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Gone are the days when writing meant a paper and a pen. Today the fingers typing away and the click of every button feels fulfilling.

I get a high in writing, to try find the words that explain every emotion am feeling,  I hope you read the heart that writes these articles, i hope you read in between the lines because sometimes that’s where it all sits.

Today everything is lost in chat, at least most of it but I also believe the right words will always cut through, it s in collections of words that dreams are born, that blog you frequent because you love it, that writer who speaks your language with just the perfect words and every edition released is a must read, that monthly subscription of that magazine means you look forward to the next issue.

So yes I believe dreams start here…………in words you visualize, in actions you bring it to reality.

Pen and paper or typing away, it is the writing era and I love it.

Have a good one,

Ask. Believe. Receive ……………………. Go The Extra Mile


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  1. it is the writing era and I love it because i begin my reading era sipping my coffee every morning enjoying your blog post ju kuongea ukweli gazeti zilinishinda


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