February Bring It On!

‘Sometimes you have to forget what is gone, appreciate what still remains and look forward to what is coming next’


In the midst of all that is new, old and unknown there’s always something that is scary yet we still keep dreaming for a great turn of situations. There’s never a challenge without a change. There’s never a dream without a dare. But even after the work is put in sometimes it is just never enough. It does not mean we did not give it all, it only means our all was never perceived as all.

road-sign 2016 feb

I know we are a month down, eleven to go. In pushing ourselves to be better some of us made promises to ourselves…..………..Resolutions if you wish. Some started on new jobs, others resigned or were let go, some are enjoying the bliss of new relationships, others gave up or just did not work out, some are eating cleaner and less junk, others still trying to find that drive within them, some moved out to embrace a new journey while others are doubtful of their in capabilities and uncertainties of the responsibility it brings along.

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’

– A

I could go on and on; point is in spite of new, exciting, sad and challenging events happening the world keeps moving, the sun still shines for those who see the beauty and hope in it, the moon still lights up the night for those who see a promise of a better tomorrow, the rain still falls for those who believe in calming down an excitement or soothing painful moments to find the minute to exhale and gather the courage to keep moving.

 ‘It is not history that makes heroes it is heroes that make history’

  – Taylor Swift

A good friend told me that 90% of our lives are defined by how we react to situations, while 10% is defined by what happens to us. So you may be on track with your resolutions or you may be thinking to start working on them or you may be the person who takes it a day at a time. Wherever you fall January was good when it lasted so work on February. It may just surprise you. January 2016 will be defined by what we want.

  Ask. Believe. Receive…………………………………..Go the Extra Mile.

  Happy New Month.




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