MORE or less

‘Less is always more’


love live and breath

Is it my mind or my heart? I can not figure it out. I think that maybe it is just my body system that saves me from the pain. It is said that attitude addresses ones action, but what about thoughts? Is it something I can count on to make a sound decision or is it a bouncy cushion where my body seeks solace just to keep my body systems in check when I fail to make the sound decisions?

To think of learning about someone is one like an adventure, it feels like that book I need to keep reading in order to know the story at heart. I could always read the last page but I miss out on the experiences, the feelings, the emotions, the connection…..I simply miss reading in between the lines. So the salient question is, when I get to finish is it what I expected? Less or maybe it is more?

‘Just be the Best Version of you, it’s enough’

–  Shiko

I feel relationships with people are the same, for me bonds are like the strands of a guitar. They look the same but they all produce different sounds, some softer sounds and others not so much. You can never play by learning to play one strand; the beauty is learning and mixing them up. Same applies to people. You can never know someone fully but you can always come close enough.

I anticipate understanding people, what makes them tick, cry or smile. However it gets my body numb when I think that someone wants to know me, I keep thinking……..will I be what they expected? More or less? Maybe if they learnt my softer side and not so soft side I may be a tune they will never forget. They may like my tune, love my tune or fall in love with my tune. What do you think?

 ‘It takes strength to show vulnerability’

 –  A

Ask.Believe.Receive……………………………………………………Go the Extra Mile.


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