Old is gold – the new normal


A bucket full of excuses, an unexpected season, a whole lot of bad timing and just no moment to breathe and take it all in has led to me being away a little while. But I figured this is my space to express me so here goes……….life is not fair, am getting used to it.

 ‘My truth and my reality is what I choose it to be’

– Shiko


Once a street in the night defined peace, familiarity and secure. Now it screams fear of the unknown, creeps the shadows and feels colder than a corpse. Not so longer ago it was home, now not so much. I had crazy humorous friends, an intense family, sky dreams and a whole in front of my life. Today the humorous friends are all busy, facing challenges; if not work it’s looking for the work. If dating; few days fighting or throwing in some love. The family remains intense and I love it.

However, it’s crazy how situations change but even crazier getting familiar to a new normal. The adjustment feels like a prescription to a bacterial infection, a doze of antibiotics you must take whether you like it or not. If it takes a glass of water, vodka or milk………just drink it down. Somehow seems am hearing what’s not being said to my face, just hinted and for some reason am required to change course of everything.

Well I understand sometimes you have to go through somethings because that’s the only way to grow. So am finding my way, I may take a while to settle and get cozy but I’ll get there. I still dream and this has to remain constant. They are called dreams for a reason, sense of unreachable and too good to come true, well I beg to differ. Dreams get me out bed, whether am psyched up for the day or just want to pull a Bruno Mars lazy song on the day.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

– C.S Lewis

I get things change and yes it was bound to happen sooner or later. My preference however, I like some things as old and ancient as they were. Call it back to basics or better yet back to tradition. The new now is not very new for me; it is everything I don’t like: scary, unfamiliar, cold and negative. But now it seems I have to take another ride as I have outgrown my old, I take the challenge, what the worst that could happen? Right? I embrace my new normal. Planning to do justice you guys will see I was born to adapt.

Ask. Believe. Receive ……………………… Go The Extra Mile.


2 thoughts on “Old is gold – the new normal

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  1. I agree…….it’s fine to choose you. Besides you can only give your best when you are at your best. It starts with choosing you.


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