But My Inner goddess

Jennifer Hudson sung think like a man act like a lady, Steve Harvey wrote the book and it has had a run of two splendid movies. So much controversy on what a woman should be with hush tags such as #mwanamke ni trending in our social space. Being a woman is a full-time job, yes I said it. So much expectation from the society yet at the same time it is still underlined by some traditional aspect of what is expected from a woman. A woman needs to deal with the world’s concern, face her own personal insecurities and still rise to the occasion of what is expected from her. We juggle as we baffle at the amazing things we can take at a given moment. We truly are super woman.

International womens day_2016

                 For that woman who believes it doesn’t get better, this one is for you…………

 Happy International Women’s Day.

I have talked in whispers so as not to awaken the doubt in myself, because somehow my inner goddess intimidated the little confidence in me. I have walked in the dark all alone, you’d think I was brave but no; because my inner goddess challenged my sight to a brighter future. I hung my head low in the streets not because I could not walk straight but because my inner goddess said I was too tall for a girl. I ate slowly not because I had too much etiquette but because somehow my inner goddess said I was too thick and as I swallowed I prayed it satisfied my cravings a lot quicker.

I walked in heels not because I was in style but because my inner goddess required me to step up. I wore my makeup just enough not because it enhanced my beauty but because my inner goddess talked me into painting my face so as people, could see me. I smiled so loud not because I had reason to but because my inner goddess claimed I needed to hide my failures. I listened so hard not because I was taking it all in but because my inner goddess screamed so wild of my weaknesses that I needed to block it. I have dressed so colourful not because I was vibrant but because somehow my inner goddess allowed me to believe I was cold and dark.


May we Know them, May we Be them, May we Raise them.

I remember her like it was yesterday…..scared, fragile and weak. Then there is me, who came after her. She understands herself worth and believes that He who started a good work in her is Faithful to complete it. My inner goddess lost vote when I realised all it did was put me down. Today I talk boldly not to silent my haters but because I have something that needs to be heard. I walk in the dark not because am shy but because even in the shadows of darkness I fear no evil. I take the street as my everyday runway, walk up straight because He stands tall before men, I have favour. I still eat slowly…….yes! Though I assure you it is just enough calories because I understand health is better than wealth.Today I walk in heels because in Isaiah He tells me to walk in heels and I take that literally. Today I smile so loud but with reason because I understand that every day is a gift and room to be better and do better. Today I not only listen but heed what I hear in my life. Today I dress vibrant because I believe there is appreciation in expression.

Earlier on I did say my inner goddess lost vote, right?……but just between me and you I heard it now jump up and down doing the happy dance, I guess it’s done challenging and it is up for approving!!!

I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being.

–  Maya Angelou

Ask.Believe.Receive………………………Go the Extra Mile.

Happy Women’s Day.




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  1. Reblogged this on Shiko's XtraMile and commented:

    Women Colour the World with so much Sunshine. You want constructive criticism, turn to a woman, you want support, turn to a woman, you want encouragement, turn to woman. you want love, turn to a woman. We were created for so and we take on the responsibilities with so much grace even when we almost quitting.

    To all Women in the world; Happy Happy International Women’s Day.

    Teach a woman and you teach an entire village.


    1. Hey Fancy,

      Thanks Doll for dropping by. And thank you, you are just as Amazing. Subscribe so that no piece get to pass by without you reading and enjoying it. Love & Joy…



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