Mother,you are a GEM.


Over the last weekend, our home had a lot of activity. But my most memorable of all remains to be that my siblings and I got a chance to tell our mum just how much we LOVE her and of course a cake was cut in honor of her. We got the chance to celebrate her belated 58th Birthday and Mothers’ Day. I must admit she was in tears after I shared this piece with her.

I know May is the Women’s month.I  may be late on this post but I believe mums should be celebrated anyday, everyday. This goes out to all mums in the world, to mums to be and those who someday pray to be. You raised us and you continue to inspire us. We may not say it enough but we Love You.

Mama Shiko, Mama Qoi, Mama Rage………….From your children with love.

Dear Mum,

You are a gem in this world. Nine months you carried me and you still prepared for my arrival to the last-minute. The nausea, backache, cravings and random tiredness never stopped you. You pushed on until I came through. It is always been me and you from day one in that labor room. We were and are a team. You got to read me like a book when I could not even think it. My various tones of cries were the singles to your favorite album. You knew when I was hungry, sleepy, tired or just throwing a tantrum……and you loved me anyway.

In every smile you mile-d me on, in every tear you cheered me on, in every victory you bowed me on. You went on and on like the world that never stops spinning. Every child is different and despite having knowledge of so you still walked with me. In struggles you managed to pull through and the heartaches I caused you mother, I will forever be sorry.

Thank you for working odd jobs to provide for my every need, loving me as I am, forgiving me even before I realized I was wrong, celebrating my achievements from the smallest to the biggest, going down on your knees to pray for me, listening to every idea even when it was comical, preparing me for life and most of all trusting me to the world that you always thought was too cruel for your angel.

I will forever be grateful mother, you are content you did your best with what you had and for that I draw my inspiration for your grandchildren. I recognize that I am a hard child to bring up; I mean have you met me? Mother you did good…… no you did EXCELLENTLY WELL. I acknowledge that you had to make tough decisions, others very hard for you especially. However today mother, I want you to know that the tough was bearable with your love and warmth. I love me and given a chance in life again I would go through it all over again if it meant to be who I am to-day.

because of you mum

Despite some disappointments, I hope I still made you proud. Despite some painful tears that filled your eyes I hope I brought overwhelming laughter and joy in your life. Despite some heated arguments I hope I triumph your expectations for me. I could never give back enough or try compensating for anything you have done for my life. You exhausted your finances for me to enjoy the best opportunities at your reach; you dug deep into your soul for emotional support and warmth. Your resilience is admirable.

Mum I just wanted to say Congratulations……..My siblings and I turned out PERFECTLY.


Mother your love, care, thoughtfulness, wisdom and strength is overwhelming. You are a gem in this world, a blessing from God, a gift to mankind, a woman of substance and an angel to forever be celebrated.

Mum you taught me to Ask much. Believe in plenty. Expect to Receive, maybe not everything but close enough.

To always Go the Extra Mile.


32 thoughts on “Mother,you are a GEM.

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  1. Hi Wilson, thank you. I agree to every mum’s heart. We kids are tough in our own epic ways and they have done an amazing job with each and everyone of us. Don’t you agree?


  2. So Deep my dear sister Shiko, mom is truly a GEM! We’re Honoured to have her as our Mother, such a Blessing in our Lives!

    Keep writing! I Thank God for this talent!

    Liked by 1 person

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