Somewhere In the City


 ‘Life reflects, life resounds, and life reflects whatsoever you reflect at life.’


Somewhere in the city, some girl is studying so hard because she believes it’s her only ticket from poverty and giving her family a better life. She understands she doesn’t have to like it but somehow in her surroundings she draws her strength. She lives by:

‘I may be born in poverty but I don’t have to live in poverty!’


Somewhere in the city a mother looks over her child while he is sound asleep and she counts her blessings. She thinks how peaceful her son is laying there and how dependable he is to her. She zones out thinking and soon snaps out of it as she wipes out her tears. She runs her fingers gently through her sons face and makes a promise to herself……….until then I will try make this world a better place my boy. She’s motivated by:

‘He is my blood and flesh, he only deserves the best!’


Somewhere in the city a boy still believes and trusts that his father who is the hero in his world will come through the door anytime….he believes peace will prevail in Kenya and Somalia sooner rather than later. He believes in world peace but most prominently he believes his father, a KDF soldier will make his world a better place where he can live his dream. He believes in;

‘Superman, Batman and spider man!’


Somewhere in the city, a father is out in the club drinking his liver out yet his child is home because his fees is not yet paid. The mother is up wondering how to raise the rent because she can’t keep playing hide and seek with the land lady. She walks into her bedroom and her eyes stay glared to their wedding picture. She remembers the promise she made, the beautiful reception and the day she felt so happy. She holds on to:

‘Her vows, in richness and poverty……………….in good and bad!’



Somewhere in the city a girl is locked up in her room, she is taken away by the beautiful words put together by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her book Americanah. In this book she finds peace, she resonates with every word, the emotions, an inner strength but most of them all she gets a reboot. This is her haven, despite everything happening around in her world, the pressure, the mistrust, the tears, here she finds a love, she finds herself believe in fiction for the reason that reality has proven quite distasteful, bitter and too overwhelming. She believes in:

‘Books can take you places you have never imagined before and even more compelling a break she needed!’


Somewhere in the city, a girl reminisces while she is on her way to work in the bus shuttle from her neighborhood. She remembers when she was most happy and she smiles by herself. She tries hard to remember why and where she lost track, but her thoughts are overwhelming and her eyes get wet. Her phone rings and she takes a deep breath and quickly snaps into reality ‘Hey good morning, how are you?’ She realizes:

‘I need to enjoy my life and stop searching for happiness!’


Somewhere in the city a lot is happening, a lot of deals are being done behind closed doors, dreams are coming to life while others are shuttered, proposals are being made while some relationships are ending, and my point is everything is happening just at different places with different people. But what is common with all the above is that they are all heroes. Because heroes:

‘Are ordinary people who are braver to hold on just about five minutes longer than ordinary people would!’


‘As water reflects the face so one’s life reflect the heart’


Ask. Believe. Receive………………….Go the Extra Mile.


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  1. Somewhere in the city am sipping my coffee while reading this lovely piece of writing and nodding my head in agreement. Really nice work here with the writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the rhythm in this one..I’ve had quite a trip round the city. Thanks for the mental tour…it was exciting, touching and hopeful.


    1. Isn’t it crazy just how life is, we define it differently because of our beliefs and values and morals. I can just imagine how at this very minute peoples lives are changing…..


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