Let Things Be!

I know I mess up all the time. I will never be perfect. But I have perfectly showed up in every situation in my life whether I wanted to, was forced to or needed to. Some days I have pushed harder but I still came down crumbling hardest. 


I want to march the beats of my own dream. I want to dance to my own excited heartbeat more often as I live my journey through life. I want to smile more often with a heart that exhumes peace and stability of all things around me. I want to hold my laughter longer and get carried away by the life the situation adds to my being. 


Nothing in this life is perfect. Nothing in this life is easy. They say things that are meant to be, usually make their way to you but when you think about it relationships, opportunities, resources can only be reached at by the amount of commitment you put at it. Everything special in life needs a disciplined level of work.


Some times we have to make difficult decisions. Decisions guided by variables. Variables that are X and Y and are characterised in their own rights. Characteristics that are narrowed down to timelines and levels of measurability. Sometimes it’s okay to take time out and shake the priorities up. It’s good to stay on your lane, know your place and know when to keep it moving.




Seasons in life change. Some times no matter how desperate you want the weather to change it’s beyond you. At times you just have to stop worrying about the weather and instead; Just dance in the rain….. Maybe Kiss awhile, heck get carried away and try unexpected things.


It may rain for a season or two. But it will never rain forever. At some point the sun will have to shine through…. No matter how long it takes,  I believe it will get brighter some day.


In this life with everything that is happening, I have come to comprehend that some days you will get bitter, others days you will feel suppressed, some days you will wake up tired of trying, some days you contemplate why you still show up in your life. Trust me, I have been there. I am here. I don’t have anything figured out. That much I can tell you!


So am learning to stop oversee-ing situations and just letting things run there course. Am learning that their gets a point in life, you can’t give a situation any more, not because you don’t want to but because you have given it everything you know and the best you believe you had. Am learning that some things you have to stop trying to change and learn to accept things as they are and live with it. But most importantly am learning that this is okay too. To just let things be and be okay with letting them be.


People will never see what you have overcome, all the struggles , the daily  rejections, the heartaches, the betrayals, the rumours, the criticisms and all those lonely nights trying to make your vision a reality. Trying to better yourself so as you can be a better person to them, in their situations, in this world. To make a difference and leave a legacy.

-Value Entertainment & Shiko

So my plan is to keep showing up in my life every day. Often enough I have felt myself slip away, be at the end of the rope. But sometimes you have to tie just one more knot, sometimes it may make all the difference. I will keep me braver long enough to get to the person I want to be defined as everyday.


The only difference between the person who quits and the one who doesn’t is they showed up everyday, they work hard every day, they hustle every day, they learn from an approved mentor every day, they improve every day, they did all this even when they felt like quite-ing every day.

-Value Entertainment



Ask. Believe. Receive. Go the Extra Mile.


21 thoughts on “Let Things Be!

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    1. Hey Dennis, Thank you so much for the kind words. You have been a consistent fun of all my work. Am glad that it gets you to place of reflection. Do keep coming back for inspiration.


    1. Hey James,

      Am amazed you are in my fans base. Thank you for the support and trust in my work. Do keep coming back for more. Grow and Blossom ….I like. You can hold me to it.


  1. woww…you always amaze..I love your blog and will continue to love it more and more.Wish Mrs Olubayi could see the good and perfect work of her hands and she would be filled with so much joy. Perfect work perfectly done.Kudos Best friend. Forever your number one fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Jenny,

      My Best Friend. Thank you for all the support and Love you show Online and Offline most especially. Mrs. Olubayi would be a proud teacher….Lol. I thank God for you Jaber.


  2. I’ve read a couple of your pieces but this one speaks the most for me…..it resonates in so many ways. A perfect picture of most of our daily lives. Great work Shiko…show up…Go the extra mile!! Awesome!👌

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great piece as always . . makes one reflect quite a bit as the emotion in the article makes one connect with you . . Thanks for sharing . . It may rain and pour but for sure the sun will shine . . Keep these excellent articles coming . .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU so much for the Love, Support and Encouragement that you guys have showed me. Through Likes, Shares, Private Calls, Texts, E-mails and Comments on my blog. You have no idea how much I look forward to reading them. But most importantly you inspire me to continue sharing my life through my lenses. The fact that my pieces speak to you guys is Overwhelming. Thank you for being Loyal Fans. I love you all and appreciate you for taking the time to read in spite of your busy schedules.

    Love & Love



  5. Fine piece from the start to the end, felt like I was on a trip. Out exploring your deep thoughts on a captivating adventure reading between the lines. Your choice of words and flow is remarkable, I loved the constant expressions of facts brought out without telling no tales. So deep, no doubt the emotion is real. Subliminal message in this piece makes the journey of reading it worth every readers time.

    You are gifted.

    Your Fan,


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  6. Awesome piece darling…as usual spot on…I of all people know what you’re talking about and a living testament…keep up the good work… Love love

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Betty,

      Thanks for the Love Doll. And yes I can believe your story. You truly are a living Testament. Am happy to have you as a friend, you push hard, You laugh harder and you trust God hardest. True definition of what I admire. love and Love back.


  7. Your work is beautiful, even more beautiful is your life. I can’t still grasp how you do it. What’s the secret, where do you get all this life and strength? I need some for me too


    1. Hey Kibet,

      Thank you for dropping by. Months later but I hope the article was a Blessing…..Asante for the Encouragement too. My God has been so Merciful and Graceful. His been sufficient.


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