It’s enough, take a break!

Thank heavens it’s 5:00pm. I should be shutting down and shutting down I will do. What a long day. I need to get to my space really soon. I have been so mean to my place, late and my kitchen craves for my special delicacies projects.  Thinking about it, my house and I could definitely use a pick me up. Some good music, some chicken recipe, maybe a movie later and I can even try out the lavender candles I was recently gifted. Oh my, it’s a date.


It’s just a little over 6 and I am just getting to my place. I put my handbag by the sofa at the door and find my way to the kitchen. If I could just pour myself a glass of something and put my legs up, it would mean everything. A sip of my drink and I close my eyes and reflect on the day that was. The CBD is getting crazier and crazier to maneuver and here I thought that with the festive season it meant more people in their rural homes, clearly I was mistaken.


I need to whip up something at some point. But first things first, I put my music on and my house is alive. On my playlist it’s a favorite, Write on me by Fifth Harmony (If you don’t know it please have a listen) and your welcome by the way. Soon my hips pick up on the rhythm and can’t help but move as I dance across the room and I swirl around as arms are raised to the roof in a wave. I think to myself, this is how a day should end….. Happy, free and taken away. I can get used to this.


Freedom is being you without anyone’s permission.

– A


The song fades away to pave way for the next song on my playlist…. In common by Alicia Keys. Damn, this playlist is on fire. I sway softly as I remove my jewelry, first my earrings, then my neck-piece and I finish off with my watch. Soon I walk through to my bathroom and run the water to heat up as I change to my towel. In a minute my water is just right and I step in and stand as the water falls on me and my days stress, fatigue and anxiety gets washed away.


Moments later I am in comfortable pajamas and I feel good. I light a candle and it smells heaven. I go into the kitchen and I think I need a plate of something quick, easy and yummy. Chicken salad means half the time. I get to it; I chop away some onions, coriander and a clove of garlic. That’s all my chicken needs. As it cooks I start on my salad, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and some vinegar. My thousand island dressing is my favorite part of the salad. 25 minutes later and I have a meal. Voila!


As I scan my apartment, I catch a glimpse of my new fond love, my laptop. How I can hear it scream at me. I miss caressing the keyboards with my bare manicured nails….. type away as my words get alive on the blank canvas. It’s been awhile and I can hold it any longer. I seat up, my legs raised and my laptop rests on my thighs and as the playlist continues to awaken all nerves in me my fingers catch up and type away with the intention of finding their buzz. Besides I need some few minutes for my chicken to simmer.


I get carried away when I read, heck I get carried away a lot; but writing? Writing is heaven. Writing is therapeutic. I will never get tired of emphasizing this. In the silence of my studio like apartment, or while stuck in traffic with my playlist through my earphones or at coffee shop as I wait on my girls I can always find time to type in some words on my quick notes Microsoft app. I think about how the week has been and the festive season that is here with us. How quick the year has flown by. A lot has happened too but more interestingly the year is not yet done, more may be coming.


As my fingers stroke the keys as I try to find the perfect words for this night I realize that sometimes we over analyze concepts. We tend to think more about crafting perfect sentences to give our two scents and express our feelings. (But I am a writer, so on this one I will take for the team.) Every now and then it’s easier to say it in plain black and white however being the complex humans that we are; we give it a color that never actually holds. Much so, we tend to scream more about the color and the font is neither spared. A shame I agree. Sometimes reading is all.


Sometimes finding yourself may mean everything. But most glaringly I have come to comprehend that life will always be complicated. Always brace for the pain but at the same time let go and dig within you for strength to get past the pool of complexities.  It’s okay to take time out, recharge in order to reboot. Do what works for you. Dance awhile, break away free and take a road trip, go hiking, sky diving, swim in the deep end for once, sleep in all day, take ice-cream, watch your favorite movie, catch up with your series or do nothing. That’s a plan too. My point is it’s okay to take it easy and just let go. Most times it’s just what the body needs and that is enough.


Does that make sense? Remember when you are most relaxed, mind, physically and spiritually you are practically armored up to face just about anything. A beautiful life starts with a beautiful mind. A warm mind will generate hope, creativity, a plan……it will paint a dream with every color and brings you closest to a dream that in reality may literally feel far-fetched. It is amazing just how beautiful our minds can take us through an experience if given a chance.


It’s about 25 minutes past 10:00pm. Where did two hours go? It was a good night in my tiny cozy apartment. I’ll plan for a movie date for myself another night but for now, I’ll put off my music, drink a glass of water, dim my lights and head for bed. My sheets can’t wait any longer to stroke and hug this warm body to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

 Merry Merry Christmas Awesome People!

Love & Love


Go the Extra Mile…………. Ask. Believe. Receive.




16 thoughts on “It’s enough, take a break!

Add yours

    1. haha….Michelle. I give my readers what they want. Watch this space , I may just write art to for you and #yourboss.

      It’s never that serious. Take it easy and dance awhile. Glad you dropped by doll.


    1. Hey Deda,

      Thank you for dropping by and am happy to hear the piece moved you. I hope you took the break or are planning to take the break.

      Keep dropping by. You Encourage me to keep writing.Thank you.


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