My One Resolution!

Too many people miss the silver lining because they are expecting gold.

– Maurice Setter


You can try think that some things may be as easy as 123, ABC or such as a tune of your favorite song. Sometimes we have to stand outside in order to look in. To see with much clarity, some times you have to separate yourself from your being. Sometimes you have to be a stranger to know better, to understand better and most of all to progress better.


Sometimes speed means delay. Sometimes happiness means knowing when to let go no matter how much it may hurt. Sometimes peace means change. Sometimes strength is not being afraid to walk alone. Sometimes in order to move on you need to deal with your insecurities. Sometimes in letting go we gain what was really meant for us. If you are full you can’t try a different cuisine or can you?


Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Why you believe in the things that you do? Why you make the decisions that you make? Why you stand by certain things and not others? Have you ever questioned yourself what shapes you?


Some things we grow up learning from loved ones, from strangers, from friends, from our surrounding, but when it’s all said and done we choose what we want to be shaped by. We choose what defines our characters. Be it the music we listen to, be it the choice of language we engage in, be it the company we keep, we are in control of who we are.


Honesty has never been engraved in our genes, respect isn’t tattooed in our DNA, loyalty doesn’t hide in our blood stream, perseverance does not reproduce in the body like cells, patience isn’t pushed through the blood vessels around our bodies, understanding isn’t boosted by supplements, friendship isn’t rooted in our mind and love isn’t one of the chambers in the heart. All these things among others, were never in our systems when we were born. We however chose them!


We borrow them from our environment. We pick them up as we go through life. We nature them as events transpire in our lives. We keep what we want and we let go of what we dislike. We choose our values. We are defined by our morals. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we do better. But it doesn’t matter where you started it only matters where you end up. Our destinations are guided by our character.


The quality of your life is your responsibility. How it ends up is your choice.

-Our Church Pastor


I have written a little much just to bring across values. My point is sometimes we tend to hope for much without even comprehending what may guide our to do list. Sometimes it’s only one thing. It’s a New Year meaning people made resolutions. Personally I have made them before, broken them, and returned to try again. The last 3/4 years I have been flying blind but this year I decided to do things a little different. Shake them up if you may. I gained a unique perspective that I believe could feed to all aspects of my life; personally, professionally, socially, financially and spiritually.


So I made just one resolution, Time. I realized time is priceless but even more if I can manage it better I can do a lot of things. It may be cliché’ but trust me it means everything.


So personally, I can stop wasting time on negativity, I can stop wasting time on things that have lived their course already and just let go, I can get back to reading, I can focus on growing myself, I can get fit by working out regularly, I can give myself the time to heal, I can have regular ‘me time’ and even more exciting I can write more on my blog. (I will be shaking the blog up, more content, more heart, more passion, more commitment and more inspiration)


Professionally, I can do more than what is expected, I can learn more on areas that I may not necessarily need to know about but may feed into being an all rounded employee, I can engage more in improving my skills, I can have more fun creating, working and just being a joy in my service to others every singe day.


Socially I can meet loved ones and friends, I can travel more, I can go out dancing, try some delicacies in a restaurant I have never been before (one of my favorite things to do) I can finally try karaoke maybe even do something I have never imagined. Basically; I just want to go out more.


Spiritually I can invest more time in my self and God. I can pray more, I can read my Bible more, understand it and find solace in God’s word. Ultimately just want a deeper relationship with my God this year. Financially, let’s say I can improve my good to be better.


This Time resolution, I intend to keep!


 It’s probably late to say Happy New Blessed Year but in all fairness this is my first blog post for the year so please receive my sincere wishes my Shikosxtramile family. I love and appreciate you guys so much. Words can’t be fair enough to explain how overwhelmed I am by your support, warmth and love.


Never tire to Ask, don’t second guess instead Believe and you shall Receive!


Go the Extra Mile!



17 thoughts on “My One Resolution!

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  1. Hi,
    I see you are off to a great start.This is certainly a thought provoking piece, well placed words with a good and positive flow.
    Until next TIME , nice TIME.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dakein.

      Thank you for keeping this constant. Reading my work i mean. Am glad you got ‘positive looking forward’ flow, because my blog this year will be just good vibes and full optimism.Keep Coming back.


  2. ” love isn’t one of the chambers in the heart.” ———–oh wow…….This has inspired me—time…..i think I will make the same resolution too!!! Great piece darling–as usual

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Betty Doll,

      Love sure isn’t one of the chambers in the heart. We nature it and choose to love. Am glad you are inspired. Getting this from a fellow writer is heart warming doll. Tell you what….how about we compare notes by the end of this year? what we will have accomplished due to great TIME management. Keep coming Back.


  3. Fantastic!! As always your piece makes us walk with you and really feel you . . . lovely one to reflect on as we start the year . . And you can be sure we shall never tire to Ask for more . . .


    1. Hey Deda,

      Thank you so much for dropping by. Am glad the piece resonates with you.And yes always Ask for more…I will never tire to inspire all you who keep stopping by for some soul inspirational posts.


  4. Woow! Girl,you inspire me everytime you write something on your blog! I am inspired and this one is mind blowing! Good work Girl, go the extra mile! Bravoh!


    1. Hey Stan,

      It’s nice to see you stopped by. Thank yo so much for the support. I am happy to know that you get a doze of inspiration every time you visit my blog. Do keep coming back. Strive to go the extra mile on your end too.


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