But My Inner goddess

Teach a woman and you teach an entire village.

Happ Womens Day

Women Colour the World with so much Sunshine. You want constructive criticism, turn to a woman, you want support, turn to a woman, you want encouragement, turn to woman, you want love, turn to a woman, you need a prayer, turn to a woman,you want a friend, turn to a woman.We were created for so  much and we take on the responsibilities with so much grace even when we feel like almost quitting.

To all Women in the world;

Happy Happy International Women’s Day.

Shiko's XtraMile

Jennifer Hudson sung think like a man act like a lady, Steve Harvey wrote the book and it has had a run of two splendid movies. So much controversy on what a woman should be with hush tags such as #mwanamke ni trending in our social space. Being a woman is a full-time job, yes I said it. So much expectation from the society yet at the same time it is still underlined by some traditional aspect of what is expected from a woman. A woman needs to deal with the world’s concern, face her own personal insecurities and still rise to the occasion of what is expected from her. We juggle as we baffle at the amazing things we can take at a given moment. We truly are super woman.

International womens day_2016

                 For that woman who believes it doesn’t get better, this one is for you…………

 Happy International…

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  1. Happy Womens Day . . . And thank you for keeping us coming back to your blog with some really engrossing and thoughtful pieces . . Reading all these articles you definitely are superwoman!!


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