I love my age. Old enough to know better. Young enough not to care. Experienced enough to do it right.

– Anonymous

may you be happy

A little effort, a little more Witt just to be a little braver for a little bit longer

A peddle stone, rolling deep, the quick sand, even the stars seem to be aligning.

Did my song change or was I slow to change my moves?

I think off beat is more like it.


 Is anyone out there? Does anyone care? Is anyone even listening?

The 20’s? Crazy how you believe you will never get old, maybe just experienced.


Early 20’s

Acquire a B.A, Make all the bad decisions. Date the ‘hot’ boy/girl.

Something about Y.O.L.O…. defining what fun is? And you choosing your best poison.

Keep the friends who turn it up because then, only up is the ultimate ambition.

Early 20’s, you dance to the beat rarely will you be off beat.


Mid to Late 20’s

Working and trying to prove yourself at work

You are worried; the hot boy/girl is no longer hot enough to take home

Here, social priorities take most of your weekends, ruracios, baby showers, bridal

shower………..Yet you feel no showers come falling down on you, it’s too hot and I mean hot

pressure around you . Here, the dance floor song is complicated. The song seems to be

changing too much for your beat, you are off beat.


The 30’s

More responsibility, bills to keep up with, married or worried about running out of time

The 30’s. You believe you have paid your dues. You feel, you believe you deserve that

promotion, I mean, who gave more of their years to the company? The late nights? The early

mornings? Weekends too? Oh honey, I hate to break to you but it doesn’t work that way.

Unfortunately, you may have to toil a little harder. Let’s talk relationships, settling down is

more because the society needs you to, oh and don’t forget over the weekend you visited

home and mum did catch you up on how Mama So and So are Glam- mums already. Here

you just settle. Sad but true. On this one you are totally off beat, no music feels familiar.


The 40’s

The new 20’s. How often I have heard that, how true it is? (Please correct me anytime). Well

if you missed out on your 20’s somehow you get the chance to make bad decisions again. I

never said it, I don’t stand by it I only know I have heard the validations behind the 40’s as

so. Here I understand you get to learn to be appreciative of what you have, you know the

worth of your family, you value all what you have but even better you know who you are,

what defines you and you stand by your values. Bonds are great and 40’s almost feels like

starting all over again in life, hence the saying Life begins at 40. I must admit 40 is

attractive, I mean great things happen here; knowing yourself and living life. Looking

forward to this. Oh 40’s is more like you control the dance floor.

Offbeat is nowhere near your vocabulary.


chose, settle.jpg


Yet to figure out what 50’s, 60’s and maybe 70’s holds. Keep it here because once I figure it

out I will definitely loop you in.



 Off Beat is not me right now…



Ask. Believe. Receive…….. Go the Extra Mile.




4 thoughts on “OFF BEAT

Add yours

  1. Wow!! So well put!! Lovely piece as always . . A little bit of ‘aha’ moments for everyone as you walk through the decades . . At this rate and with such excellent writing you should be publishing soon . . fingers crossed . . . And yes, I love my age, don’t we all?


    1. Hey Deda,

      Thank you for always dropping by. Clearly you keep tabs on every single post I put
      out.Am truly humbled.

      Am glad you love you age and on publishing…let’s see how that will go. Though the thought is a little intimidating and possibly scary too.


  2. Interesting perspective on the different phases of life…now that i am hitting the big 30 in a few months am super excited to see what the next phase holds…great work as always!


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