An open letter to my future Husband

Now that I think about it, there are a million ways on how I can start this letter but first I will say am sorry and thank you. I know it sounds crazy but allow me to break it down.

main pic (oltmh)
Allow me to break it down!

Am sorry that you had a difficult past, I know that you have had and are working hard, to prove yourself and do better. I know that there are things that you possibly working through, addictions you are facing and trying to break, battles that you are preparing for and I know that with all this you are trying to still live up to the man that you want to be defined as. My love, it is still for these difficult situations that am thankful for. The resilience you building is not in vain. For when we face difficult phases in our life together we shall rise above it, we will be each other’s pillar of strength and we will always emerge stronger and thankful for the situation with a praise on God’s faithfulness in our lives.


Am sorry that your ‘exes’ will break your heart. Am sorry they will push you to a darkness that you never thought possible. Am sorry they will never treat you with the worth that you deserve, the value that you have set, the love that you crave for, the care that you show them and the respect that even our God commands. Though sorry am really thankful that by not doing all that, they will push you to me and they will give me the chance to do all that and more for you. They will push you to our life together, to our future, to our destiny.


Hubby love, I just need to make one more apology. For every future disappointment, am sorry. For when my moods will get the best part of me, am sorry. For when I’ll be stubborn (This may be a lot), am sorry. For when I’ll be silent after a disagreement, Love I am sorry. I pray so much and so hard that you will have the patience especially at these times. For future heartaches, I apologize in advance. I will never mean them intentionally and I think you will know that deep down. In fact it will be the reason you will fall in love with me. I am not perfect, actually am far from it. However I will always try to be imperfectly perfect just for you. I promise to change and adapt to situations as they require me to. I vow to grow, for myself and for us. I promise to stay committed through the hard times and take it in with a pinch salt.  


Love, am sorry for a lot of things but despite all that am sorry for, I will not be sorry to meet you. I will not be sorry to have you to; love, hold, cherish, respect and submit. I will be thankful to God, to this life and to one special woman, my mum in love. I will probably have this mounted just for her.

 dream man


I long so much for you, for your embrace, for your kisses. I have imagined you in a lifetime. I can’t wait to meet you but I know that God is still writing our love story as I continue to work on me. I can’t wait to call you my best friend, my confidant, my greatest support system, my official man – my HUSBAND.


You can hold me to have a lot of goofy times bouncing back silly jokes and Laugh HARD!

Laugh HARD_9574
Laughing Hard, I do it effortlessly…lol

You can hold me down to have a lazy day once in awhile, you can hold me down to blasting the volume up when I really need to hear the beat rather than the music (you’ll have to join in at some point, we will be a team; remember that)

Dance Awhile_9745
Join In when you Can!

You can hold me down to have endless conversations that may some days go through the night, you can hold me down to always play in your team, you can hold me down to a lot of stupid things, I promise to keep you interested.

I’ll never run out of a feedback especially when you need one from me! haha….

But most importantly you can hold me down to choose to love you and stay committed to you years down the line even when the emotions aren’t as settling as when we first met or as magical as our first kiss. I promise to wake up every day and choose to be happy next to you, loyal and faithful to you and only you.

Happy Life!

I promise to hold you, stand by you, pray for you and always encourage you.

A habit of PRAYER, is a Lifestyle of MIRACLES.


So are we going to do this or what future hubby?


 Your Future Official Woman,


Mrs. Wife


Ask. Believe. Receive.


11 thoughts on “An open letter to my future Husband

Add yours

  1. Wow!!!! Wow!!! Lets just say that future husband will be the luckiest chap alive . . . I enjoyed reading this so much and it kinda ended while i was still looking for more!! Really great piece complimented by some stunning and amazing pics . . you never disappoint

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Deda,

      Haha… I would like to believe we will both be lucky to meet and have each other. Glad you enjoyed it and that you continue to keep up with the blog. The support is appreciated. Asanti sana.


  2. Words cant explain.
    Am puzzled.
    May the future man receive this in Jesus Name.
    May God connect my friend to her ideal and chosen guy.
    I love this petty…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Tesh,

      I decree, declare and receive the prayer in Jesus name, Amen. Am humbled and happy that you stopped by and took the time to drop me a comment her. It never goes unnoticed.

      Baraka Tele Mrembo.


  3. Amazing! Well written. You have a great talent in writing. Kept me glued and yearning for more. And to spice it up, the pics are sharp and you are beautiful gal! Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Louisa,

      It’s nice to see a new face on my comment box…. Asanti sana for your support. It’s appreciated. And thank you, Writing for me is Everything. I love it, I enjoy it, I dream it and I Live It! It;s Therapy… Happy, Sad, Confused, overwhelmed ….. I get down to this. Keep coming back for more. Promise they so much cooking am yet to release….


  4. Tunataka kumuona huyu future husband…bring him here.we as the shikos extra mile family want to roast him


    1. Hey Amos,

      Thanks for dropping by. Your support is always apprceiated. Sasa Roast tena? the other Shikos Xtra Mile family hasn’t requested but if you build a forum/ petition by all means I will honour the request of my Beloved Fam.


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